Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Can you keep a secret?

Mark Evanier at news from me points out that you don't have to be a weak-kneed daffodil to object to some of the things the Cheney Gun Club gets up to:

Good to hear that the gentleman who was on the receiving end of Dick Cheney's
shotgun blast is doing better. I frankly don't understand the appeal of
"hunting" as he and the Veep practice it...and I put that in quotes because a
friend of mine would have wanted it that way. He's a championship hunter with a
whole trophy room into which I will not go because I can't stand to see all
those mounted animal heads. On the phone the other day, he said (approximately),
"What these guys were doing was not hunting. Hunting requires some skill and
stamina and in some cases, a little personal risk. These guys were at a club
where they arrange it so anyone can kill some birds and pretend it's hunting."
M.E. writes the kind of blog that makes me wonder why I'm wasting time writing mine. I can only think of two reasons: (1) I do it for my own amusement, and (2) I need a safe place to write things where I know they will never be seen by another living soul.


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