Friday, February 03, 2006

The Art of the Overheard

Two of my favorite web sites are Overheard in New York and Overheard in the Office. Both sites feature snatches of dialogue from real life, and the only rule is that the submitter is not a party to the overheard conversation.

It's amazing how many of the New York quotes sound like something you'd hear on Seinfeld—which I guess is another way of saying they sound like they're fabricated. And I'll bet some of them are made up. But I wouldn't be too sure about which ones are which.

Here are a couple of gems from Overheard in the Office to make you feel better about wherever you work:
10AM Department Meeting

Boss: This is not an interactive meeting, so no feedback of any kind. Every customer who gives a commitment today will get a $350 Home Depot giftcard. This is only until the end of business today.

Loan Officer: But I got a customer commitment yesterday. Can I tell her that we will send her one?

Boss: Didn't I just say that this meeting is not interactive? I won't answer your stupid questions.
Loan Office: ...So what's the answer?

The boss storms out.

Loan Officer: I'll just ask him later.

4PM Order Crystal Ball

Department Head: I need everyone to let me know a day ahead if they want to use the car and that means whether or not you'll be late because of traffic.

Worker: But how will we know we are stuck in traffic until we are actually stuck?

Department Head: That's why I need to know a day ahead of time whether you'll be late because of traffic.
So remember, kids, if you can't feel good about your own situation, at least you can find comfort in the misfortune of others.


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