Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Easy to be wrong, hard to admit it

The Book Blog provided me with my biggest laugh today in a post called The Housewife Turned Feminist:
Terry Hekker became an overnight success in 1980 with her book Ever Since Adam & Eve, which advocated women not working and just being the perfect housewife. But when her husband divorced her for a younger woman on Hekker's 40th birthday, she wised up. Her new book's working title is Disregard First Book. It addresses a growing segment of society: divorced older wives who don't have the skills to support themselves.
I'm always interested in the spectacle of someone realizing that they were wrong. Some people won't do that, and don't like other people who do that, because they think it makes a person seem less reliable and serious.

I think that admitting your mistakes makes a person more reliable. Why stick with bad information just to avoid embarrassment? Wrong is wrong. (The Bush White House is the best example of this—and the worst.)


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