Thursday, December 15, 2005

GPF for Dummies and Bloggers

How do you get people to read your blog? Are you asking me? Clearly I have no expertise on the subject, judging by the underwhelming response I've been getting over these months.

One suggestion blasting around Blogistan is the idea of the Gratuitous Personal Fact. Even if you're writing about business or technical topics, you insert some personal detail or observation now and then. You give the reader a hook to draw them into your world. Then you can get a little traction for your haywire political notions, or thoughts on the PC/Mac wars, or brownie recipes, or whatever.

Today's GPF is a random thought from one of the voices in my head that keep me company all day.

You know, sometimes my confidence fails me when I need it, and I'm rarely sure exactly what I'm capable of, but I'll bet that finally, after a college education and years of gainful employment, my personal development has reached the point that if I had the chance I could create a really good science fair project.

Either that or what they call in our school district an idea fair project, where they don't restrict the entries to science and include projects on culture, arts, politics, or whatever. I think that's the kind of thing a lot of people have in mind when they decide to start a weblog—contributing to the giant net idea fair.


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