Thursday, November 03, 2005

Get out of the kitchen

While I don't place all that much faith in my own half-baked political opinions—the whole Washington dog-and-pony show resists rational analysis—it's gratifying when someone comes along and finishes baking my opinions for me.

John Scalzi puts matters in terms even I can understand:
I can't imagine that the Bush approval rating could possibly get any lower than it is at the moment, but then again, that's what I thought when it hit 39% a few weeks ago. Considering that there's probably 33% of Americans who would rather chew on jagged glass than to show disloyalty to a sitting Republican president, a 35% approval rating basically means that no one outside the ranks of the ideologically paralyzed right-wing approves of our president. No one. The rating couldn't possibly go lower. Could it?

What do I think about the Bush's approval rating? Well, I think it's exactly what he deserves. He's a terrible president with an incompetent administration, and it's gratifying to see the large majority of the American people coming around to this fact. Would that they would have come around to this conclusion a year ago, when the vote was on.


Noting that this is a mess of his own making is cold comfort indeed. Bush may have made this bed, but we all have to lie in it.
Yeah, I know how he feels. In that long, dark tea-time of the soul between November 2000 and January 2001, I still harbored hopes that Bush would not turn out to be as useless as he has proven to be. The most surprising thing is that he still holds on to his die-hard fans even though he's a failure by his own conservative Republican standards.

I keep wondering why we don't hear more phrases like "scandal-plagued Bush administration" and "failed Bush policies" in common use. Although it looks like that may be starting to change.


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