Thursday, January 12, 2006


In the absence of any original creative thought on my part today, let's take a peek at what Digby is saying over at Hullabaloo:
"This Republican party is crooked. And despite what George Will says, it's not because of big government. Government spending has exploded under the allegedly 'small government' Republicans while delivering less and less to average Americans. They have proven that they are completely full of shit on that issue and anyone who votes for them on that basis is an idiot. Judging by their performance the only things they actually care about are padding their own pockets and protecting their own power. If there are a hoard of 'reform' Republicans out there who have been objecting to this pillaging of the treasury, they haven't exactly been speaking up. All I've heard is 'praise God and pass the contributions.' "
Please note that this is not an issue of whether the Republicans are more corrupt than the Democrats. These are separate—but related—issues. Republican corruption is what we're dealing with now because they're the ones who have been driving the bus for the last five years—and not only driving it, but working the traffic signals and adjusting the street signs to suit themselves.

What's got them bugged right now is that we all have a clear picture of what they're capable of when they operate unimpeded, or as nearly unimpeded as any party short of the Soviet Communists. Anything they say publicly in the light of this plague of scandals is just an attempt to tell us we're not seeing what we're seeing.


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