Friday, January 20, 2006

You're a doctor of what, now?

There's a lot of talk around about scams, hoaxes and fraud, and how to avoid them. A lot, but not nearly enough, if you ask me. For instance, you take the case of—and get ready, you might not see this one coming—chiropractic.

What? Chiropractic is a scam?

So says magician James Randi, who received this message from one of his readers:
I do not believe I will ever practice chiropractic again, because I see no ethical way to practice. Spinal manipulation has limited uses at best and some forms of manipulation can be dangerous, cervical manipulation, for example. The problem is that I now have over $150,000 worth of non-dischargeable student loans and it looks like my credit is ruined for the rest of my life.
Visit the link to read more about this and other forms of monkeyshines, chicanery and colorful lies of all kinds.


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