Thursday, October 07, 2004

There is no political solution

I hate politics. Even more than that, I hate the current circumstances that force me to pay attention to politics.  And because I'm so pessimistic about how things might turn out, I hope James Wolcott is right.  he's probably smarter than me about these things; most people are.
And if Bush thought his "major policy address" today would arrest the slide, he and his handlers sorely miscalculated. It was a standard stump speech that the cable news networks barely addressed when it was over as they cut immediately to the breaking news about Rush Limbaugh. Respect for Bush is bleeding through the floor; he's wearing everyone out with his monotonous refrains. I expect him to come out Friday night all smiley charm to counter his peevish performance in the first debate, but if he starts repeating himself--and how could he not?--it won't matter how the third debate unfolds. Two strikes and he's out.
Right now I'm feeling such a sense of dread that I even hesitate to use the word "hope" like I did above.  I did it anyway, knowing all the time that hope is not your friend.


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