Tuesday, September 14, 2004

No More Years

Usually I don't go in much for predictions. They're mostly the stock in trade of psychics and other phonies. But when I look back on the Bush presidency -- and wouldn't I love to -- I can't help notice that the naysayers who predicted terrible events would result from Bush's policies were mostly right. "Tax cuts won't stimulate the economy." They didn't. "Bush will take the country as far to the right as he possibly can, in spite of the ambivalent election results." He did. "War in Iraq will be more expensive, more damaging and less beneficial to the American people than Bush claims." It is. I don't feel I can always trust my judgement, especially when I can't be sure of the facts, but I can't deny that people who know more about this stuff than I do, a lot more, were making educated guesses and getting them right.

That's why I pay close attention when the Washington Monthly publishes 16 predictive essays under the banner What If Bush Wins.

One hint: It ain't pretty.


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