Thursday, September 09, 2004

Let's be big about this

Andrew, the Poor Man, takes a magnanimous view about the President's past indiscretions, and how he can make up for them. One of them, at least.
So, Bush didn't complete his National Guard duties, after all. You could knock me down with a feather. This is a political problem for the White House, of course, although I believe that most people would be willing to absolve Mr. Bush of dereliction of duty in time of war and lying to God and everyone about it, if he would simply make up the time he missed by serving a 6-12 month tour in Iraq. We Americans are an understanding people, and we believe in forgiveness.
Sounds reasonable to me. It's not like he did anything impeachment-worthy, like something s-e-x related*. He only defaulted on a commitment to the U.S. military. It isn't too late to make amends.

*He didn't, did he? I haven't heard anything.


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