Friday, August 27, 2004

Go, Home Team, beat the Visitors!

First I should note that I spend approximately zero time following organized sports. I take an interest in how the local teams are doing, but only as much as it takes to stay familiar with the hometown terrain. (If a team is doing well and has a big home game coming up, I might want to avoid the traffic.)

So I know that the K.C. Royals haven't had much good news this season. This report might be the first "bright" spot so far:

The Arizona Diamondbacks are the first team in either league to be "mathematically eliminated"--i.e., there is no possible chance of their making the postseason.
So. Not the Royals, then. Congratulations, guys!


At 9:41 PM, Blogger Len said...

I hope I'm not ruining your day here, but in fact the Royals weren't even close to being the first team to be eliminated. If you check the "E#" (Elimination number) column in the standings on, you'll see that Toronto (E#: 7), Milwaukee (E#: 8) and Seattle (E#: 9) are all closer to elimination than the Royals (E#: 12). At any rate, those are the numbers prior to tonight's games; when you get around to checking (if you do) they may have changed (e.g., the Pirates were as bad off as the Royals before tonight's game, but the Cardinals beat them, so their E# went down to 11).


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