Wednesday, August 04, 2004

My Descent Into Mental Chaos Continues

Comedian David Steinberg made the comment, at age 33, that the biggest disappointment of getting older was that he had expected to become less confused. My own list of things I just don't get about what's going on in the world grows daily. The latest addition:
FAA Urges Fewer Flights at Crowded O'Hare (AP)

AP - The head of the Federal Aviation Administration told airline executives Wednesday that if they won't voluntarily reduce flight schedules at Chicago's congested O'Hare International Airport, the government will do it for them.
Now, last time I heard, the major airlines without exception were still struggling financially. But they're literally getting all the business they can handle, and more. So attracting business is not the problem they're facing. What is the problem?

1. Are the airlines being mismanaged?

2. Is the air travel infrastructure incapable of supporting enough traffic to meet demand?

3. If demand is too high, does that mean ticket prices are too low?
Something is definitely wrong that nobody is talking about.


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