Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Stuff I can't get excited about

When somebody says, "At least there are still things we can all agree on," I can't help thinking: No, there are no such things.

Case in point—Lance Armstrong. Sure, he persevered through personal difficulty, conquered cancer and went on to complete dominance of the sport of bicycle racing. Good on him. But all this inspiring determination and effort was wasted on the totally pointless sport of bicycle racing.

So is he a hero? Sure, okay, I guess so. But he's no more of a hero than anybody else who faced similar challenges and overcame them, even though others have no celebrity or athletic achievement to place on proud display. Plenty of "ordinary" people, schoolkids even, have conquered bigger things and been awarded nothing more than another day of life on earth.

So, can I please be spared the gaseous commentary of any more sports reporters who think that winning a bike race is somehow—oh brother—a triumph of the human spirit? Thanks.


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