Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hard to argue with popular opinion

I read something once that made a lot of sense. It was aimed at aspiring writers, and it said that they should get their work read by as many different people as possible. You could learn a lot from the kind of comments you get in return. The idea is, people are bound to find fault with your work, but if everybody finds a different fault, and they think you're doing fine otherwise, then it's probably nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if everybody singles out the same flaw to complain about, then you've got popular opinion working against you, and you need to look into making some corrections.

Well, the verdict is in on this weblog. Apparently I'm guilty of being the single most uninteresting person in the history of the internet. Recently I put in a site meter, and it turns out that there are moons circling Jupiter that get more visitors than I do.

I can't say this is a big deviation from expectations. I had hoped to attract some interest, and I was sort of relying on the way search engines have of bringing up the most odd, unexpected results when people use them. I know I can't resist the frequent urge to follow a weird link just to see where it goes. I guess most people show more restraint. In any case, my spotless record of tedium and mediocrity stands, since I'm no better at being interesting online than I am in real life.

I intend to keep posting here, if only to keep my Blogger account active, on the chance that at some point I might need to use it for something. If I ever want to keep something secret, for example, this would be the perfect place to put it. All the security experts take a dim view of "security by obscurity," but it seems to be working dandy in my case.

In the meantime, rent Shaun of the Dead. It's the feel-good movie of the year.


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