Thursday, November 04, 2004

Thanks, Bob

The election results were a tremendous disappointment, to put it mildly—sort of like watching people choose Eddie Haskell over Wally Cleaver. Although my on-again/off-again relationship with Hope is off again right now, I'm feeling a little better about it today. Partly it's because my exasperation muscles got tired, but largely it's because of the comments of level-headed people like Bob Harris:
The election of Bush is a very, very bad choice. It is a major setback for humanity, for a long list of reasons each of us either fully understand already or will very soon. (More on this in the next few days. But for starters, America just announced to the entire planet that we're OK with Abu Ghraib, we're OK with Guantanamo, and we're OK with illegal wars. This was an important announcement.)

But electing Kerry would have been only the first step in a very long journey, one which still stands before us, either way. It's a little longer now. That's bad. But that's all.


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