Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wha hoppen?

Actual real-life conservative John Cole* says what he thinks happened and is about to happen.
There will be a long, nasty, brutal bloodletting within the GOP, with social conservatives convinced the reason we lost was in part due to the fact that “We kept abortion on demand the law of the land for at least another seven years because we had to try to fund the use of human beings as research matter” and other such nonsense. We lost because, as the oft-perceptive Baseball Crank notes (although, I think, drawing the wrong conclusion), the country got a taste of big-government conservatism, and they didn’t like it.
*As opposed to posers who like to call themselves conservative as long as they don't have to actually conserve anything, like money, resources, constitutional rights, or the country's philosophical foundations.


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