Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More on voting

Patrick makes a case for voting a straight ticket.
I’m voting the straight Democratic line. Not because there aren’t Democrats who are hypocrites, cowards, idiots, and fools. But because the Republican Party, nationally and locally, is in 2006 nothing more or less than a criminal conspiracy to destroy our democracy and loot our country. Their candidates, for every office, need to be defeated wherever they run. If you don’t see that you don’t get my vote.
I'd only add one more point. I can't believe that there are no decent Republicans, in or out of office, just because that seems so staggeringly unlikely. They've got to be out there, and many of them deserve to be elected. But right now the criminals are in charge of the GOP, and the good guys are afraid to break ranks and speak up. So there you are. You can't vote for a Repub even if you want to because you can't identify the ones who aren't members of the GOP HiveMind. You can't vote independent or reform because it's a meaningless gesture. Your decision is pretty much made for you.


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