Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Esky pipes up

Esquire has an opinion, evidently, about things besides hard liquor, expensive watches, and the relative sexosity of various movie performers. This month they're endorsing candidates in every state. Here's what they say about one of our little dust-ups:
District 2
Jim Ryun (R)
Nancy Boyda (D)
Ryun is an ultraconservative evangelical Christian, but his moral superiority didn't stop him from purchasing a townhouse at below-market price from a sham family-values organization that served, in reality, as an Abramoff-DeLay slush fund.
Esquire endorses: Boyda
Why did I have to read about this, purely by chance, on the web instead of in local news election coverage? This is the kind of story the local media should be talking about—if we had local media. I know, we barely have national media.

And another thing. Is there a single Republican anywhere that ISN'T embroiled in scandal right now? Phrases like "scandal-plagued Bush administration" and "scandal-plagued Republican party" should have become cliches from sheer overuse, except that nobody seems to have the clarity to use them.


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