Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One less thing

I guess I can stop worrying about Bush. That guy is living under some kind of magic charm. Everything that goes wrong around him just magically skirts his vicinity—he's like the baby in Baby's Day Out who wanders in and out of mortal danger without ever being touched by it.

And there's no longer any argument about whether he's a failure as president or not. Never mind my standards, which I admit have taken a severe beating so far this century. Bush is a failure by his own standards. Every single course of action he's taken in office, he did based on what he said would happen as a result. And that hardly ever happened. Other people disagreed with him and said something else would happen, and the result would be a lot worse than Bush thought. And those other people were mostly right. In fact, Bush's critics have turned out to be optimists.

But to this day Bush seems to make no connection between his actions and their consequences. Which supports my theory that he isn't so much stupid as he is irrational. Okay, well, that and willfully ignorant. And arrogant. A tragic combination.


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