Friday, June 02, 2006

Senile ramblings

  • Why would Army want to beat Navy? Aren't we all on the same side?
  • American Idol: Why should I give it any thought? Any at all?
  • If only they'd find Jimmy Hoffa, I could sleep a lot easier. His killers are still at large.
  • Last night I dreamed of a new sport: Elevator Demolition Derby. Two elevators in one shaft. Winner take all. I theorize that the elevator on top holds the advantage. If so, the sport could be hampered in popularity by an undue emphasis on the coin toss.
  • I think I have a problem with Memorial Day. It's definitely a good thing to remember the dead. It's even better to avoid the sort of stupidity that gets people killed.
  • Have you noticed how you never hear people accused of being arrogant, aggressive or ignorant any more? I think it's because those things are no longer considered insults.
  • Why do I have to know who Paris Hilton is? There must be some other more useful piece of information that could be occupying that space in my brain.


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