Friday, April 28, 2006

I think I can wait

You've heard all about United 93 by now, because nobody will let you not hear about it. Reading the review by Roger Ebert may be as close as I get to seeing it.

At least, until somebody asks this one question and gets a good answer: How much of the movie is made up?

You know, even when an event is scrupulously documented, the movie based on the event will have a lot of made-up stuff in it. That's how they make movies. And this movie is about an event where there's still no way to know whether any particular incident really happened the way we think it did.

My problem with that is when some people watch the movie, well and convincingly made, and then feel as if they have concrete knowledge of what went on. My guess is, some of what's in the movie happened just the way they say, based on verifiable records like answering machine messages and account of cell phone calls. And by the same token, other parts of the movie are almost certainly made up.

I wish more people were wondering how to tell the difference.


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