Thursday, April 20, 2006

Two things I normally avoid

One is Playboy magazine and another is Baylor University. Co-inkly-dinkly, they both figure in this story cited by Obscure Store:
Baylor U. warns students about appearing in Playboy

Playboy is looking for Baylor women to photograph, but the school warns that “associating with a magazine that is clearly antithetical to Baylor’s mission would be considered a violation of the code of conduct." Possible sanctions for students at the religious school could range from a warning to expulsion, says a Baylor spokesperson.
I assume that the Baylor "code of conduct" is a written document, available to the student body, or else how can they conscientiously abide by it? Surely the administration doesn't just pull this kind of restriction out of its ... hat. So if it's a genuine violation of the code, where does it say so? "Would be considered" sounds like the kind of weasel phrase people use to intimidate when the facts won't back up their case. I'd like to know what part of the code prohibits takin' it off for Hef.

I also assume that students attend Baylor voluntarily, obligating themselves to adhere to school rules. But if that's the case, why would there be any intersection at all between female Baylor students and aspiring Playboy models? Either the whole thing is a non-issue, or some of the students disagree with school policy, in which case Baylor may not be the haven of chastity and virtue its administration would like us to believe. No, that would be crazy.


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