Friday, October 27, 2006

You Said It Dept.

Rush Limbaugh has always been an embarrassment, although he himself seems immune to embarrassment, and yet he continues to be popular among the ignorant. Right now, instead of examining Michael J. Fox's motives, everybody should be debating why Rush still has a job. And once again, somebody says what I'm thinking better than I ever could. In this case it's Tom Tomorrow:
The depravity of conservatives, and the willingness of the media to indulge it, never ceases to amaze me. In a rational society, when a drug-addled gasbag radio host mocks an actor with a debilitating disease, the ensuing discussion would revolve around said drug-addled gasbag’s many, many faults as a human being, not least of which being his ready willingness to mock the handicapped. Rather than treating his uninformed speculation as beneath contempt, however, people are actually discussing whether Michael J. Fox’s symptoms are as bad as they look in these campaign commercials.
As far as I'm concerned, Fox had justified his existence on the planet long before he started doing charitable work. Rush still hasn't justified his existence, and the world remains poorer with him in it.


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