Monday, November 20, 2006

How mean am I?

Here's how mean. I was disappointed to hear the final score of yesterday's Chiefs game: Chiefs 17, Raiders 13

KANSAS CITY (AP) -- Trent Green led a late touchdown drive in his first game since opening day, lifting the Kansas City Chiefs past Oakland 17-to-13.

I guess it's probably fortunate for me that nobody really cares what I think. I find it hard to hide my contempt for pro sports in general and football in particular, and if that opinion mattered to anybody it would only make my life harder.

Maybe being a true fan is all about giving the object of your enthusiasm more emphasis than it really deserves. You can't fault the fans for that. But it irks me to hear a football or basketball fan talk about how boring they think soccer or cricket is, when I think football and basketball are just as boring.

In any event, being a sports fan allows for two benefits that some people find important. One, they will never lack for entertainment, since the media caters to sports fans. And two, they can always have half-baked opinions to contribute to the conversation.

To me, the benefit of having a losing local team is that it keeps to a minimum the amount of loose sports talk you're randomly exposed to.


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