Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Is Bush a Doofus?

Not everybody thinks our Preznit is so great. In fact, as Michael Tomasky points out at American Prospect Online:
Bush is objectively and without question one of the most unpopular presidents of the last 80 years: Herbert Hoover after the Depression; Truman after Korea; Richard Nixon after Watergate; Jimmy Carter after Iran. Bush is right there with them.

And yet: Why do I suspect that if you asked Washington’s top 100 agenda-setting journalists -- Tim Russert, George Will, Tom Friedman, etc. etc. -- whether Bush deliberately misled us into war, no more than about 15 or 20 of them would acknowledge what the half the American public sees clearly? Why do I still hear some of these bigfoots speak emphatically of a "popular wartime president"?
We feel like we're living in perilous times. People don't want to believe that we're being presided over by someone who's a doofus and a screwup, so they simply decide not to believe it. And journalists evidently decide not to report on it. Willful ignorance is the engine that drives the Bush administration. And as the controversy over evolution demonstrates, the conservative movement in general.


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