Thursday, February 24, 2005

Blind hog finds acorn, film at ten

The new morning radio team on Kansas City's 101 The Fox is, just my opinion, nothing to get too excited about. It's your typical "morning zoo" mix: rascally ringmaster, hot chick, and semi-literate reprobate sidekick/mascot.

However. I did enjoy their riff this week on the subject of people who throw their cigarette butts out of car windows. Some of their call-ins were from irate motorcycle riders swapping notes on the frequency and severity of facial cig burns.

This ranks high on the I-Don't-Get-It list. The vehicle has an ashtray, right? Last I heard, there was no way to delete it for credit at car-buying time. And yet the cigarette butt, which a second ago was a welcome guest in your mouth, is now unfit to be in your car.

I read someplace that cigarette butts are the single most common item of litter. If so, it doesn't reflect well on the attitudes of smokers in general, who don't much like being reminded of the bad choices they've made.



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