Friday, December 10, 2004

More dumb guys in suits

Making Light performs a valuable public service by helping us keep track of the stupid people. One Alabama state legislator has snagged Bush's attention by trying to prevent state money from being spent on books with positive depictions of homosexuality. But although he roams the corridors of power, it turns out that Gerald Allen is stupider than dirt:
That man is dumber than two bags of hammers on a slow Thursday night. If a lifetime of constant exposure to positive depictions of heterosexuality doesn’t turn children straight, how is it that an occasional depiction of homosexuality is going to turn them gay?

You know what he’s really saying, don’t you? He’s saying that gay sex has straight sex beat all hollow, that’s what. It’s stronger, sharper, more pervasive and overwhelming. Sexier. Instantly attractive. Transcendently hot. All it takes is one hint that homosexuality is survivable, that it’s something engaged in by humans rather than demons, and right away kids are going to be abandoning the straight and missionary for a life as a queer.

It's sort of like when someone tries to argue that gays shouldn't be allowed to raise kids, ignoring that most gays had straight parents. It's easier to think that way if you can disregard logic, and it also helps if you're a cold-hearted right-wing bastard.


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