Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Why Bush Seems So Heartless

World O'Crap brings up a good point: "[...] Bush doesn't attend the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq because if he attended one, he'd have to attend them all, and heck, they're dying every day, and so he wouldn't have time to do anything else."

Naturally, it wouldn't be fair (or balanced) to the grieving families to attend some funerals and not others. I suppose there could be some kind of official memorial service that would cover all the dead U.S. soldiers, and Bush could attend that, but it's an election year and that wouldn't look good. Anyway, such a service would have to wait until all the people have died who are going to die, and that may not be for a while yet. So you can see the dilemma Bush faces. He has to risk looking like a cold-hearted, selfish leader, but it's only because he's trying to be fair.


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