Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Whoop-de-doo and Dickory-dock!

The Andy Williams version of "Happy Holiday/The Holiday Season" has become so persistently stuck to the roof of my skull that I believe it is now ingrained in my DNA. If I were to be cloned right now, my clone would have it stuck in his head before he ever heard it.

I suppose it's a tribute to Andy that nobody has remade that song—a medley, really—since every other Christmas "classic" has been subjected to multiple remakes, from "White Christmas" right down to "Santa Baby."

Every year I informally award a prize for Least Festive Christmas Song, based on radio air play, and the winner is usually some variation on the "my baby left me at Christmas" theme. At any given time you'll find Elvis's "Merry Christmas Baby" near the front of the field. I did hear one song recently that I still don't know the title of. It sounded like it belonged on an R&B makeout record circa 1977, and for personal reference I have nicknamed it "Have a Very Merry Malt-Liquor Hot-Tub Christmas."


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