Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Hey, I've got nothing against Arnold. I have Predator on DVD, for cryin' out sake. And I don't claim to know much, but one thing I've learned has held up pretty well: People who are really good at one thing—or even just sort of adequately good enough—often flounder when they decide to step outside their field of expertise. This principle seems to hold even for really impressive people with with long lists of hey-wow accomplishments to their credit. Just as an example, if you ever hear someone who says she's a doctor praising some new weight-loss diet, check to see if she's a medical doctor and not, for instance, a theoretical physicist. Because a physicist doesn't necessarily have any better expertise on nutrition than you or I do, and while expertise isn't everything, it's definitely something.

Now, if Arnold has any particular interest, let alone expertise, in public policy matters, he's been keeping it well-concealed up to know. You'd think he might have seen fit to pull back the curtain once he became an official candidate, but no. Says World O'Crap: "Now that Arnold has been elected governor, have you noticed a general increase in the level of wordwide stupidity? Well, maybe I'm mixing up cause and effect." Or maybe Arnold has chosen ignorance as the guiding virtue of his administration. It wouldn't be the first time that happened.


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