Monday, April 21, 2003

I've almost given up on the idea that anybody is interested in reading about my opinions, and I'm one step away from turning this blog into one of those places where I write about weird stuff I've seen around the web and elsewhere. After all, if I have an opinion about something, it's probably something I think I understand, but things like that are far outnumbered by things I can't comprehend at all. Maybe talking about those things would be a better way to keep my audience riveted (which I always like to do).

Now, you can assume that if I find something puzzling or nonsensical, I'm likely to conclude that in my opinion it makes no sense anyway. These puzzling things usually fall under the category of human behavior. If I have one opinion about the world that's going to be hard for me to shake, it's that Folks Is Nuts.

Further observations as they become available.


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