Wednesday, March 26, 2003

In the Village Voice, Neil DeMause writes that "Athletes who publicly back the war generally get a free ride from fans and media, compared with the boos and 'keep politics out of sports' editorials heaped on those who protest." And I just know that some pro-war people will read that and say, "Of course the protesters get booed, because they're wrong." And here's what bothers me about that. Pro-war people think that because they're apparently in the majority, they're now in the clear morally and don't have to concern themselves with whether they are right or not. Guess what, guys? If you value your soul—and a lot of you do—you still have to worry, because the majority can be wrong. The only advantage you get from being in the majority is what the Reagan White House used to call "plausible deniability"—the questionable defense that you had every reason to believe you were doing the right thing, even though your opponents were producing long lists of reasons to believe otherwise.


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